FSBC Welcomes you

First Summit Baptist Church
of Charlotteville, New York


Kim and Vivian Walden
January 2012

Dear Friends,
We enter 2012 with thanks for many things. After being away (in PNG) last year, we enjoyed celebrating this Christmas with our family. It was a day of happiness, tears and laughter. We feel blessed.
Now we are getting ready to say our goodbyes again as we prepare to spend most of this year in Australia and PNG. On our way home from PNG last June we spent a month working with Crossview (NTM) in Australia and were asked if we would come back and help in the mobilization and training center. Also we have been invited to go to the Madang province of PNG. We are hoping to get over there to help out during this year in Australia since PNG is just next door.
We have our tickets for the first of February. Please pray that we will be a help and blessing and that God will provide the funds for the trip on to PNG. We appreciate your part in this ministry. For updates follow our blog at kwalden7.blogspot.com, and you can email us at kwalden7@juno.com.

We are looking forward to what God has planned for us this year.
G'day, mate!
Kim and Vivian Walden