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First Summit Baptist Church
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Kim and Vivian Walden JANUARY 2008

Kim and Vivian Walden
241 Old Forge Hill Rd
Jersey Shore, PA 17740
Dear Friends,
Thank you. So many of you have encouraged us in different ways !: this last year-unarguably the most difficult year of our life. Continuing on after such a great sorrow as losing Olivia has not been easy and we still have sad days, but we do appreciate all you have done for us.
We are spending this year at the New Tribes Mission Center in PA working on the renovation projects. Much progress has been made but there is still plenty of work to do. In the midst of’ the building projects we have had several groups come in for missions emphasis seminars. This spring we will host weekend and week-long mission challenges with college students and church groups. Missionaries on staff share their field experiences and we have a replica of a tribal village where our students can get a glimpse into the life of a tribal person .We are praying that God will use our program to encourage more young people to consider working with remote groups around the world who have no gospel witness.

During the years that we worked with the missionary training here at Jersey Shore, many of the students became our close friends. One couple, Brad and Rebecca Howe, has asked Kim if he will come to Brazil and help build their house in the tribe. We anticipate that this will take place within the next year and we would both like to make this trip. It is blessing to be able to be a help to new missionaries as they settle in a tribe. We look forward to the end result-people bringing glory to God as they praise Him in their language for the first time.

Our children and grandchildren were with us for the Christmas holiday. There is comfort in being together. For this and all of God’s blessings we are thankful.
In God's grace,
Kim and Vivian