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First Summit Baptist Church
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Kim and Vivian Walden AUGUST 2007

New Tribes Mission
1000 E. First St.
Sanford, FL 32771
  Kim and Vivian Walden
241 Old Forge Hill Rd
Jersey Shore, PA 17740

Dear Friends,

Everyone in our family has been affected by the sad events of this last year. It was hard to see Olivia struggle with her illness and therapy but harder yet to have her leave this life- and us. We miss her beyond words, yet she left us determined to continue following God and seeking His will in all we do.

This is the summer of mission trips for our family. Kim and Schuyler will be going to Papua New Guinea where they will fly into Rabaul and take a boat across the Bismark Sea to the village of Kabaman. There they will be helping to build a missionary home for Lane and Karrie Sanford.

Zach is heading to Macedonia with his church from Lancaster, PA. He will be working with a missionary group there and will be involved in encouraging believers and helping reach out to the people. Emily is planning to work at a Christian camp somewhere in the northeast as camp nurse or counselor.

Our thanks go out to all for helping us through this difficult time in many different ways. Please pray that God would mend our broken hearts and give us strength to live whatever days we have left here on this earth for His glory.

Kim and Vivian