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Patton Postings

October-November 2011

"I will sing of the mercies of the LORD forever; With my mouth will I make known Your faithfulness to all generations." Psalm 89:1

Dear Friends,
We are so happy for this opportunity to once again share with you what God has done, and is doing, in our lives, as well as what He is doing for the sake of the gospel here in Peru.

Baptism service with several Chiclayo churches that we attended

We spent a month ministering in the coastal city of Chiclayo, filling in for our co-workers, the Budds, who were in the United States. Our time there was a blessing to us, and afforded us with several opportunities to serve others, present the gospel, and to teach God’s Word. There was the Business Class Bible Study that Andy taught every Sunday night. Carol and the kids helped by making refreshments, helping set up, greeting the attendees, and serving the refreshments.

The beach close to Chiclayo- near where we stayed

View of Sipan, from one of the pyramids outside of Chiclayo

On Wednesday nights Carol would attend the Ladies Bible Study held at the Prenatal Center in town. She was able to share her testimony with the ladies on one occasion. Our daughter, Allison, and her friend, Shirley Anne, also attended. Sunday mornings we visited 4 different churches, which included a church for the deaf. On Saturday nights, our kids attended youth group and were even able to attend a youth fellowship of several churches’ youth groups that was held for 3 successive nights.

With Claudia Vallejos, friend from Bible studies

There were other opportunities such as the girls being able to help at an orphanage a couple days a week. We were invited to prayer meeting at a church in the town of Ferreñafe, where Andy gave the message and we enjoyed getting to know Pastor Jesus Cieza, his wife, Gloria, and the dear members of the church there. During the whole month we had opportunities to meet many of the Budds’ ministry partners and friends, as well as many other fellow-believers in the Chiclayo area.

With some of the young people from Chiclayo

Pastor Jesus, talking with Andy in Ferreñafe

It was a privilege to have a young lady from our home church’s AWANA program, Shirley Anne Jacobs, here in Peru with us for two months- as she came to learn more about missions and to serve in whatever way she could. Since she knew a little sign language, something we were not aware of when she first came, Shirley Anne was able to help us communicate with the deaf at the Harvest school for the deaf in Chiclayo as well as help at the EFATA school for the deaf here in Iquitos. When we visited the Harvest school in Chiclayo, we had a big surprise because 3 of the students were boys from Iquitos whom we knew from our first term in Peru. They were very excited to see us, and we were so happy to see them. Two of them are in Chiclayo without their families. We were able to provide them with some much needed items like toiletries, shoes, and eyeglasses.

With Erick and Sósimo, deaf boys from Iquitos

Shirley Anne Jacobs, with her deaf friend

On our return to Iquitos, we stopped in Lima and were able to attend the wedding of our friend and missions supporter, Paul Diamond, and Maria Momojara. What a beautiful, God-honoring wedding it was- with guests attending from different countries. Paul and Maria were married by our home church’s assistant pastor, Steve Bond, who did the ceremony in both English and Spanish. Our kids not only enjoyed the wedding itself, but also enjoyed seeing some of our friends from our home church in Maryland who attended the wedding.

Paul and Maria Diamond

Our kids were excited to be at the wedding

Praise the Lord that our little van is working and now has a new windshield. There are some electrical system issues that still need to be addressed with it, and it is still missing one window, but we have been able to use it for several trips. Also, Andy’s motorcycle is working, but requires two new parts that we hope to have put on in the near future. The first floor of our house is now functioning with the new electrical system. Pray that the second floor’s old, shaky system will continue to work until there is money to replace it as well. Now that we are back in Iquitos, and plan on staying put in the jungle for a while, we will be able to focus on fixing up our house and property a little bit more.

Shirley Anne especially liked our trip out on the river

Houses in Maracamiri

The boat, on the right, that we took on the river

Little boy with chalk that we gave him

The village of Santa Clara de Ojeal

The last month has been a time where we have been able to increase our circle of friends in the Christian community as well as in the general community of the city of Iquitos. Andy will be making a couple of trips to river towns and villages over the next two months. We recently visited two river villages with our family, and as a result, we also want to return to those villages. Our girls have been very excited to help at the EFATA deaf school and are increasing their ability to do sign language. Carol’s Spanish is definitely improving, as is that of our children. We are thankful that Shirley Anne and some wedding guests were able to bring down our children’s school books for this school year. What a huge blessing! Andy has had several opportunities to speak at churches in town. Several others have also invited us to visit them and have asked Andy to speak. We will be checking out a couple of youth groups to see which one might be a good fit for our kids.

Our daughter, Allison, with kids at EFATA

GOODBYES The last two weeks have been very emotional ones. First, we had to say goodbye to our beloved friend and fellow missionary, Neil Heim, who left us to go home to Heaven to be with the Lord- after 40 years of faithful missionary service in Peru. His absence leaves such a huge empty spot in our hearts and lives and in the ministries for which he was such a key person. He was a great example to us all. His love for, and knowledge of, the Word of God motivated us all to pursue those things in our own lives. We will miss his warm and contagious smile and sense of humor. Please pray for his wife, Sandy, and his children and grandchildren.

Neil and Sandy Heim

Then, we had to say goodbye to Rich and Dee Donaldson, who left for the U.S.- after serving for 47 years as missionaries to the Upper Amazon. They have known Andy since he was a little boy. Their diligence in serving God and love for this area of the world is inspiring. May God be praised for raising up such wonderful servants and allowing us to know them and serve with them!

Rich and Dee Donaldson at the Iquitos airport

As we were working on this prayer letter, we received the sad news that one of our friends from our home church, Olga Kripner, had also stepped into Glory. “Miss Olga”, a native of Ukraine, and her husband, Josef, were supporters of missionary work around the world. They were such an encouragement to our family as we worked on getting back to the mission field. What an example of godliness! Pray for Josef, as he now moves forward without his partner.

Please pray for:
Andy- as he gathers information and makes contacts for the future medical team and as he helps a youth group in one of our local churches to reorganize and grow. Carol- as she homeschools our kids and learns more Spanish.Our kids- as they continue to make more friends and increase their knowledge of Spanish. Our missionary team- as they make several important decisions about future ministry involvement. The Bible Institute- to grow and receive the encouragement and support of local churches.

We appreciate all of you.
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