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Patton Postings

November 2010

P R A I S E G O D ! ! !

We now have:
100% of our Outfit and Passage Fund (O&P) and 75% of our Monthly Support!

Thank you friends at Faith Community Church for raising over 100% of our O&P fund ($17,900) in 3 weeks! We are so grateful and humbled by your generosity and sacrificial giving!

Thank you FCC Jr. Church for raising over $600 during Missions Awareness Week! You kids are awesome!

Thank you Upper Cross Roads Baptist Church for your generous gift!

Thank you supporters for 75% of our monthly support reached by November 1st! This has been so thrilling for us to see God's people closing the gap before our departure. We are so thankful that churches, friends and family are partnering with us.

We are now getting ready to leave for PERU AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! There are things to sell, things to store, things to pack, and things to give away. This is a very exciting but busy time for us. PRAY that we will be focused and wise with our time as we prepare to leave.

PLEASE PRAY! We still need 25% of our monthly support. If you do not attend Faith Community Church, and have waited to help support our ministry until we are on our way to Peru, THIS IS THE TIME TO START.

Even $10 or $20 a month will help us reach our goal.

Please contact ABWE at: donorhelp@abwe.org or (717) 774-7000
or by mail at:   Donor Services
PO Box 8585
Harrisburg, PA 17105

Or, on-line at: http://www.abwe.org/give/commit-to-support-a-missionary/

Our account information is:
Andy & Carol Patton - Upper Amazon - Peru - Account # 013915

If you do attend Faith Community Church, our home church family has committed to 30% of our entire monthly support. Any gifts should go through the church. We love you all for your sacrificial giving and consistent prayer. Thank you so much!

PLEASE PRAY! We need renters for our home for the next three years. Pray that the right family will love our home the way we do.

Once again, thank you for your commitment in prayer and support to get us back to Peru Our team in Peru is happy to hear that we are finally on our way!

In His hands,
Andy & Carol