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May June 2012

"Remember to magnify His work, of which men have sung."   Job 36:24
"... stand still and consider the wondrous works of God."  Job 37:14

On the Amazon River at sundown, on a beach we went to with fellow missionaries.  A couple of our kids are playing in the water.

Medical Team Hosted:

For two weeks, our small team of missionaries of the UAB (Upper Amazon Branch) hosted a medical missions team. The objective was to help local churches reach out to their local communities, have a higher profile in their communities, and grow in numbers. God really blessed everyone’s efforts as we were able to treat around 950 people, with 59 making decisions to trust Jesus as Savior, and 195 others expressing interest in hearing more about God’s Word and the gospel message. We did 3 clinics in river villages, 4 clinics in villages along the road from Iquitos to Nauta, and 1 clinic at the Bible Institute for pastors and their families.  Carol planned, purchased, and prepared all of the lunches and snacks for the medical team and support staff for the two weeks, as well as most of the dinners.  Our fellow missionaries worked intensively during the whole ministry time.  Students from the Bible Institute also helped us with doing history taking and witnessing- doing a great job.  Our children were able to participate in the ministry as well.

Dear Friends,

As we mentioned in our very recent prayer letter for May/June of 2012, we hosted a medical team here in the jungle. We wanted to share a few more pictures and information about the whole experience we had with the team and with the people to whom we were able to minister via a series of about 3 e-mails.

Awesome IHM medical team from ABWE!

The medical team, Hannah and Virgie Farley, Brooke Holzmacher, and our kids.

Larry Golin was in missionary candidate school with Andy's parents! He worked in Bangladesh for about 35 years.

Carol, with Beth Mason, one of the RNs on the team. Beth brought down a bunch of stuff that we needed.

Linda and Charlie, with Jennifer, a physical therapist, and Victoria, a nurse-in-training

Linda and Charlie, with the Browns- Kim, an RN, and Ryan, a PA
Good Soil – Evangelism and Discipleship Seminar

Recently, Andy was able to be one of the presenters, along with Tim Farley, at a seminar that was offered to the churches of Iquitos and was held at the Bible Institute, covering evangelism and discipleship concepts and tools, such as The Story of Hope and The Way to Joy booklets. We were encouraged by the turnout and the overall response by the attendees to the material. We plan on presenting the seminar in the future in different locations and in various settings.

One of the attendees asking a question of Tim Farley.

Group sharing at the Good Soil seminar.

Andy, with previous class of Theological Education by Extension.

His current class has 10 students- here are a couple of them.
Prayer Requests

* Our home in Maryland has finally had a sale contract put on it. It still needs to pass inspection, and the buyers would like to close on August 3rd. Please pray that we will at last be able to sell our house! This would be a huge relief on us financially!
* Direction from the Lord for which ministries to focus on the most- that God will make it absolutely clear.
* For Carol’s Spanish to continue to expand and improve.
* For motivation for our children in terms of their schooling. Allison will be headed for college most-likely in the fall of next year.
* That our kids will be able to develop more quality friendships with Christian young people here.

* For the people to whom we have presented the Gospel message- that the Holy Spirit may move them to trust Christ.
* That God will continue to provide us with more wonderful redemptive conversations, as He has been doing ever since we arrived in Peru.
* For provision of house funds so that we can continue to repair the house we’re living in. It still needs quite a bit of work.
* We would like to take a real, honest-to-goodness family vacation one of these days. It has been a long time since we’ve been able to do that, and we feel like we are beginning to need it.

The church in Cabo Pantoja was flooded at the beginning of May.

The town square was totally under water then.

* The flooding (see above) that so devastated many areas in the jungle, has greatly subsided.
* We have been able to survive financially up to this point, although it has been extremely tight.
* God has provided us many opportunities to witness to people from all walks of life and in multiple situations.
* Our family has been in very good health.
* We have been able to live in our house here in Iquitos even though it lacks several things.
* The Bible Institute is growing and improving.
* The whole experience of us hosting the medical team turned out so well on so many levels that we are just very humbled at God´s grace and help in that whole ministry time.
* Our little van and Andy’s motorcycle are actually working and have been very useful for ministry.

Scenes from "the river."

May the Lord bless you all.
E-mail: apatton@abwe.cc