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Patton Postings - Fall 2016
"Pray without ceasing" - I Thes. 5:17
Thank you for taking the time to pray over our ministry in Peru. We cannot be successful unless people pray for us to be doing the will of God.

Andy's mom, Rachel, is in Lake Placid, Florida.

Andy’s Mom in Nursing Home
Andy’s mom, Rachel Patton, moved into a nursing home in Lake Placid in August. On our way down to Peru, we stopped in Florida one more time to visit Rachel and to work on Andy’s parents’ home and their belongings. Pray for Andy’s mom as the transition to the nursing home has been a difficult one. She needs people to visit her to cheer her up, since she lost her husband, Fred Patton, in June and then had to move into a nursing home just 2 months later.

This sign is on the boarder between the Belen and San Juan suburbs of Iquitos.

Back in Peru

We (Andy, Carol, and Charlie) returned to Iquitos on September 14th. It was very different traveling with only one of our kids, Charlie, our high school senior. When we arrived in Iquitos, we had to thank the Webb family for watching our home and our pets while we were gone. We had to thank our Australian believing friend, Georgina, for helping save the life of one of our dogs while we were gone.

A whole bunch of launches in one of Iquitos' ports It was great to see the Amazon again!
Immediately after, it was time to begin preparations for our guests and for the international Baptist women’s conference that was going to take place in October. Carol spent many hours with the ladies of the organizing committee making things that they were going to give to the participants. Andy had to go through the process of renewing his motorcycle driver’s license, which involved going to classes, having a psychological exam, and taking a written test, as well as getting the usual array of paperwork. It was not fun for him, but it did give him a chance to connect with a good number of new people.
Andy, on the platform with some of the pastors from the AIEBS churches fellowship
Our little van had been rear-ended by a drunk driver while we were in the States, as it was being used to transport a ministry team by the Webbs. Also, our motorcycle was in need of maintenance to get it running again, since it had not been run for 5 months. So, there was a series of repairs that had to be done to the van in light of it being in the accident and because it had some long-overdue maintenance. Both the van and the motorcycle are running better now than they perhaps ever have.
Our 1997 Mitsubishi van
International Baptist Women’s Conference
One of the speakers for the conference was Bobbi Donaldson. Bobbi and her husband, Kevin, who was our missionary pilot here in the jungle, both came to Iquitos and stayed in our home, along with two teenage girls from Pennsylvania, Rachel and Elizabeth. The teenagers are in Bobbi’s Sunday school class and wanted to see the mission field where Kevin and Bobbi had spent 15 years ministering. Ironically, the house that we live in today, used to be Kevin and Bobbi’s house when they were in Iquitos with their boys.
Bobbi Donaldson and Carol at the conference.The choir that represented the churches from the jungle.
Ladies arrived from different cities around Peru and from other countries such as: Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and the United States. Over 615 ladies enrolled in the conference, but we had more ladies from the surrounding area who would come to the night sessions.
Ladies at the International Baptist Women's Conference that met in Iquitos.Carol enjoyed meeting ladies from other parts of South America.
Some of the ladies also brought their husbands and families. We had a number of ladies from river villages up and down the Amazon as well.

The theme for the conference was: Chosen by God. There were several choirs that sang, speakers that spoke, and dramas that were given. It was a large undertaking for the local women’s association, but God blessed the conference in many, many ways.

Our Girls in College

Our son, Charlie, being silly with his 4 sisters who are in college.
There are four Patton girls in university right now: Allison, Kylie, Katy, and Linda. They all need prayer- for their classes, for their spiritual growth, for their relationships, for their safety, and for the decisions that they are constantly having to make. Of course, it is sometimes frustrating for us to not be near them and to not be able to hold them or be with them when they have to go through various things in their lives. Please continue to pray for Kylie. There are some serious issues with her eyes. Pray that the Lord will give the doctors wisdom to be able to determine what is going on in her body, whether it be an infection or something else, that is causing damage to her eyes. We know that God can heal her.
Bible Institute
Moving Beyond Lecture workshop for Bible Institute professors that our mission branch held in October
Andy began teaching a course at the Bible Institute (IBBI) in October. It will continue through December. Our local field branch of missionaries also taught a seminar to our institute/seminary professors called Moving Beyond Lecture. God really blessed our time, and the teachers appeared to really benefit from the seminar. We plan on putting on the seminar next year to a larger group. Classes are in full swing, and two students will be graduating in December. Pray that we will have more students and more professors. One of our graduates, who is now pastoring in the town of Nauta, would like to start a satellite of IBBI in Nauta.

Local Church Ministry

The youth group that we had been helping before we left for the States is now doing very well on its own and has anywhere from 30 to 40 young people attending on a regular basis and has a leadership team. So, we have decided to shift our focus to another youth group at another church that could really use our help in building it back up. This church had stopped having youth group for a while, but have recently re-started it.
A couple of Iquitos young people with their friend, our son, Charlie
Andy continues to speak at different churches who are either without a pastor or who have guest speakers on a regular basis. The lack of prepared and available pastoral candidates continues to be a problem in our area. We are now in the process of identifying the next church where the Lord could best use us at this time.

May the Lord bless you all.