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Fall 2013

"I will praise the name of God with song And magnify Him with thanksgiving." - Ps 69:30

Pastoring Time
We have been blessed during the last three months, as we have filled in as interim pastor and pastor’s wife at Iglesia Biblica de Iquitos, in the absence of missionaries Rafael and Marisel Graña. Praise the Lord that the Grañas are now back in Iquitos and are continuing to minister here. Praise God that Iglesia Biblica will have a full-time, national pastor by the end of this December. Pray that the pastor and his wife will be able to settle in and be a perfect match for the church. Andy has enjoyed teaching “The Way to Joy” discipleship material at the Tuesday night prayer meeting and will continue to do so until he finishes the course.
Rafael and Marisel Graña on either side of the newlyweds, Adolfo and Kety, who are from Iglesia Bíblica

Bible Institute
Last quarter, Andy taught the Spiritual Gifts class. This quarter, he has begun teaching Theological Education by Extension. Once in a while, he also speaks in chapel. It may come across as repetitive, but we can’t reiterate enough the fact that the Bible Institute is a much-needed ministry here. Pray that the Institute (IBBI) will be able to draw more students and more professors. IBBI continues to build new relationships with local churches and local Christian leaders.
Manuel, Keila, and Jenny, from Iglesia Bíblica, on the left, and our daughter, Allison, on the right, walking through "La Participación" zone

Carol’s Mom and Trip to the States
Carol and our daughter, Kylie, made a trip to the States, to help move Carol’s mom from Maryland to Georgia. Her mother is now experiencing the symptoms of dementia. She was not comfortable with the idea of moving without Carol’s presence and help. Kylie went along to keep Carol company, but also because she was the one child of ours whom “Nana” remembered, so her presence would be reassuring to her. It is probable that Carol’s mom will not remember her when we return to the States next year. The Lord intervened so many times during their trip! For example: They were not allowed to leave Peru by Immigration, so they missed their flight and had to spend the night in Lima. We all went to bed not knowing how their situation was going to be resolved. But God did some amazing things in that situation as well as several others in the States- making the trip a very successful one. Many folks in the States helped them with housing, transportation, moving assistance and finances.
Carol's mom, in the middle in white, received a lot of help from relatives, like these ladies, for her move to Georgia

River Ministry Both of us (Andy and Carol) recently had the opportunity to participate in an outreach to children and high school students in a river town that is an hour by speedboat from Iquitos. What made it special was that we were invited by some Russian and Belorussian brothers who were in the jungle on a short-term missions trip. They asked Andy to serve as their interpreter (from English to Spanish) and wanted both of us to lend our experience in reaching children and young people in the jungle. It was a wonderful experience. We were impacted by the testimony of these brothers in Christ and by their desire to serve Him.
We enjoyed with working with this team, along with brother Anatoly, who is not in the picture
Brother Gibran, brother Yuri, and Andy, ministering to the high school students
The young people in Mazán were very attentive. About 14 made decisions for Christ.

In December, Andy will be going with two pastors from Iquitos, upriver to a town called Jenaro Herrera, which is on the Ucayali River. The Baptist church there sent a representative to invite us to help them do a wedding, hold special services on Saturday night and Sunday morning, and to have a baptism service, since there are several there who want to be baptized. Currently, the church does not have a pastor- just a leader who is the one who came to our house to ask if Andy could put together a team to go there.
Floating house and "peque peque" boat along the Amazon

- Graduation of a neighbor girl, Johanna, whose family we have been reaching out to. They are allowing us to have John 3:16 and Ephesians 2:8,9 put on plaques and certificates that are being made for her class at a Catholic school.
Johanna, our neighbor, in Peruvian highlands native dress Some of Johanna's classmates, whom we have connected with

- Pre-marital counseling and subsequent wedding of a couple from Peniel
- Planning and preparation for a huge youth camp to be held in January. Andy will be the director.
- Carol continues to teach our 5 kids. She needs strength and patience!
- Thanksgiving event at Iglesia Biblica
- Decisions about what church to begin working in next.
- Decisions and planning related to our return to the States, which will be at the end of March of 2014.
- Decisions on the part of our daughters, Allison and Kylie, related to college, etc.

A man carrying firewood along the street Kiddos playing :-)

The picture below says it all for us here in Iquitos. The signs say, "Iquitos needs fast internet. Help!"
Thank you for praying for us and for supporting us! We love you all! We pray that the Lord blesses you for your faithfulness!


“I would hasten to my place of refuge From the stormy wind and tempest.” - Ps. 55:8

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