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August-October 2012

"Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on, that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me." Phil. 3:12

A corner of Iquitos

Our van in the town of Cahuide

Family traveling in their canoe, going past Santa Clara

Dear Friends,

This is Andy, writing for all of us. There are so many things that we want to share about what God has done over the last 2 months or so.
There are also many things that we want to ask you to pray for. Our calendar for the next 4 months has really filled up. We really, really need your prayers. Here is a summarized rundown of some of what went on in the past couple of months and of what will be coming up.


=> Went to Lima as a family for our Peru Field Team meetings. Also brought back some much-needed supplies to Iquitos.
=> Spoke at a youth camp being held by an association of youth groups at a camp called Tagaste.
=> Finished my Bible Institute course on "Camps and Retreats" which culminated in holding a camp for junior high boys.
=> Began teaching a class on "Cults" at the Bible Institute.
=> Spoke at Calvario church.
=> Began participating with the Truth Project sessions presented at Institute.
=> Some of our kids finished up with their school year. (Others were already done.)
=> Carol continued to study and learn Spanish- having her devotions in Spanish, with a little English thrown in.
=> Our daughter, Allison, continues to study Vietnamese. She hopes to be a missionary to Vietnam in the future.
=> Kylie, Katy, and Linda are all studying Spanish through Rosetta Stone- all are doing well.
=> Enjoyed having Lee Johnson, missionary to the deaf in Peru, who was visiting from city of Chiclayo, over for lunch.
=> Our kids, accompanied by Carol, continued to be involved with the youth group at Horeb church.


=> Spoke at EFATA church for the deaf.
=> Guest-hosted a "Story of Hope" Bible study among the "professional" class.
=> Took group of pastors to the town of Cahuide, located on the road to the city of Nauta, for a special meeting there.
=> We were able to buy several very useful/helpful items for our household from a missionary family who were leaving Iquitos.
=> Spoke at Antioquía youth rally with 7 churches' youth groups participating.
=> Continued teaching "Cults" class at Bible Institute.
=> The Truth Project continued to have a very favorable impact on the students/attendees.
=> Interviewed on local TV channel on the Bible and its significance/importance.
=> Attended 2nd annual missions conference of the jungle.


=> Served as director of Bible Institute retreat with the theme of "A Genuine Dependence on God"- held at the Bible Institute campus.
=> Interviewed on another television show about what the Bible says regarding the importance of family and children.
=> Began teaching "History of Christianity and Missions" class at the Bible Institute.
=> Was able to serve as one of the interpreters for a seminar for fathers and sons that Charlie and I attended. (It was presented by Vision Forum Ministries.)
=> Began attending Iglesia Biblica de Iquitos to facilitate our transition to minister there. (See below)
=> Our kids have begun attending youth group at Iglesia Biblica on Saturday nights. (The church is a 25 to 30-minute drive out of town.)

Upcoming Events and Ministries Needing Your Prayer

=> I will be filling in as pastor at Iglesia Biblica de Iquitos for the next 3 months. This is a large commitment that we have made as a family. We really covet your prayers. The regular pastor and his wife will be traveling to the States.
=> The church support staff will be coming to our house at least once a week to do the bulletin, plan the next service, and plan other ministry events.
=> Our daughter, Allison, will be the "techy" person for the church. She will work with the praise team and make sure all the correct words are listed for the worship songs on the computer and projector.
=> The "History of Christianity and Missions" class is a "heavier" class than the others that I have taught, so a lot more preparationand study is required of me every week.
=> Our daughters, Allison and Kylie, along with Carol, will be traveling to the city of Tacna so that Allison can represent Loreto and Peru in an international gymnastics competition.
=> I will be giving the message at the 50th wedding anniversary celebration of a national pastor/missionary and his wife.
=> Carol and I will be filling in for Lynn Porter at another "Story of Hope" Bible study. (One of the ladies who attends, recently commented to Lynn that, for the first time in her life, the Bible is making sense to her.)
=> The Bible Institute will be holding "IBBI Day" on November 1st, which will be its first ever fair/open house/promotional event in which it is trying to inform and interest young people in studying there.
=> We are training, discipling, and counseling a young man who is the youth leader at one of the main Baptist churches in town-taking him through material called "Good Soil" so that he can in turn disciple and train the young people at his church. They want to be more effective in their efforts in evangelizing the young people of Iquitos.
=> We have gotten word that our children's schoolbooks have finally been mailed to us This was an answer to prayer. Linda has been out of school for 6 months, (because of finishing her school year so early), and she is very happy about getting her new books. We are not sure what kind of problems we will face when the books are mailed in boxes to Iquitos. Typically, the customs office gives foreigners a hard time regarding books and clothing. Please pray that it will not be the case this time.
=> We also have been asked to be a part of a wedding next month. This young couple are already working on a church plant. They will be serving as national missionaries of sorts and will be ministering to the very poor children of the Bella Vista area of Iquitos.

Miscellaneous, But Important, Items of Prayer

<> Our missionary team is working hard to find a solution to our need for good internet service. The traditional options here in the jungle consist of very slow and inconsistent service. We need good internet service for our Bible Institute students and to enable us to go to the next level in terms of the courses we can offer at the Institute, such as live, on-line classes being offered by sister Bible schools, institutes, and seminaries in Lima and other parts of Latin America. The missionaries would also benefit greatly from the improved service- to be able to have on-line meetings and conferences as well as being able to download resources, etc. Our children would greatly benefit as well because they could pursue some of their studies on-line.
<> Our regular monthly financial support continues to be $750 below what it is supposed to be.
<> The house here in Iquitos needs work and repair- leaky roof, termites, a shaky electrical system on the second floor, rainwater tanks that need to be repaired, and a kitchen that is currently devoid of shelves, cabinets, or storage of any kind. Currently, there are virtually no funds for these projects.
<> The house in Maryland has not sold, and we have not had renters for several months now.

Thank you for praying. We still are rejoicing that God has allowed us to continue to be here- ministering to the people of Iquitos and the Upper Amazon. Sometimes Carol and I wake up in the morning and almost have to pinch ourselves to confirm that we are actually here "for real." Praise the Lord!

Andy & Carol Patton