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Patton Postings

April 2011

Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He will do it.
Psalm 37:5

Dear Prayer Partners,

** We have a departure date for Peru!!! The tickets have been purchased, and we’re packing our bags. Our departure date is May 9th. We had hoped that it would be in April, but it seemed like God was making it clear that it should be on May 9th, specifically. It’s actually a little more complicated than just packing our bags, but that is one thing that we’ll do in preparation for our departure to Iquitos. And, we have decided to take our dog, so that will require some work- visiting the veterinarian, etc.

Our route is an indirect one- from Baltimore to Toronto, Canada, and then on to Lima. It just was the cheapest one-way, one-stop flight we could find from Baltimore to Lima. We will stay in Lima for 5 days to start our residency paperwork. Please pray for that process. We will be arriving in Lima around midnight, so pray that we will be able to get ourselves, the dog, and our bags from the airport to the mission guest house.

After our days in Lima, we will head on to Iquitos. Once in Iquitos, we will be staying at a house that belongs to the mission, known to us as “The Yavarí House.” The house will require quite a bit of work and TLC. At some point, our little minivan (emphasis on “mini”) will need to be worked on to get it operational. It has not been started for several years. There is also a motorcycle that needs to be brought out of hibernation (pickling) before Andy can use it.

We have less than a month before we have to leave, and there are several critical things that we have to get done before then:

-Complete the work on our house and property

-Put our house on the market

-Re-pack our storage container and move it over to Grace Independent Baptist Church, who have so graciously agreed to let us keep it on their property

-Make our final trips to the dentists and doctors

-Finish going through our files and vital records to select what we will need in Peru

-Find a worthy organization to which we can donate our collection of thousands of children’s books

-Give away or sell the remainder of our belongings that we are not keeping or taking with us

-Veterinarian visits with our dog

-Pack our suitcases

-Oh yes, and then leave!

May Our Lord Bless You,
E-mail: apatton@abwe.cc