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Andy & Carol Patton March/April 2009

"What will be the sign of Your coming??" Matt. 24:36

[Carol, writing for all of us.]

I'm so glad that God chose springtime in our part of the world (Northern Hemisphere) to remind us of the Resurrection. In Maryland, we go from gray, leafless trees to white and pink buds. There are now purple and yellow flowers scattered on the ground- from death to life. It's a thrilling time for me to see the world come alive with color. We know from the sign of the buds on the trees that Spring is here and soon all will be beautiful again. As my heart yearns for the beauty of Spring, I am reminded that Heaven will be even more breathtaking.

The Bible does give us signs for Christ's second coming to earth, but it doesn't give us believers any specific "signs" for Christ's return to rapture us to Heaven. We just need to be anticipating His return every day. It is our hope to be found doing the Father's business when Christ returns. Serving God can mean being a car mechanic or a housewife. As for us, we want to be in Peru reaching people for Christ. A few things stand in the way. Will you pray us to Peru?

All eight of us have completed medical physicals. Andy has some follow-up visits that need to be completed. Pray that these follow-ups will result in Andy getting medical clearance as well.

A couple of our kids are going through some emotional struggles right now. We have consulted with several counselors and professionals who know our family. Pray that all of our children would see that God has a plan for their life and that He can be trusted to help them.

I have completed my final coursework for ABWE's New Testament Survey. Andy is continuing his course in Theology. Pray that Andy will have his coursework done by May.

Many have given to our Outfit and Passage fund. This fund pays for our family's passage to Peru, buying appliances, repair costs for our older vehicle (in Peru), etc. About two-thirds of our funds have come from our home church, Faith Community Church. Pray that others will share in this much-needed ministry. We are thankful for your faithful giving every month and for those special gifts of encouragement.
<--Iquitos kids

We were so excited to learn that in March of 2009, BelÚn (the floating township of Iquitos) had received a small children's library from the Kiwanis Club. It has been my desire to establish a library (English and Spanish) for the children of Iquitos. There are probably more than 150,000 kids in Iquitos. I want to use the library as an outreach ministry. I have collected thousands of books to be shipped. Pray that Peruvian clearances and U.S. finances (to cover the cost of shipping and custom fees) are received before our family leaves for Peru.

Many living along the rivers are hungry and thirsty for the Gospel.

We are so grateful for your prayers and support in reaching not only Iquitos, Peru, but also many villages along the Amazon River. Teams from the U.S. are preparing themselves to minister there this summer. Pray that God would raise up more full-time missionaries to reach the unreached along the Amazon River. We know of two families who want to go but need support. Contact us, or ABWE, if you can help. 40 missionaries would not be enough to meet the need.

We appreciate your cards of encouragement. Let us know how we can pray for you.

Rev. 22:12 "Behold, I am coming quickly, and My Reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done."

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