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Patton Postings

May/June 2010

"What will be the sign of Your coming??" Matt. 24:36

Dear Friends,
Time Refuses to Stand Still
Our children don’t stop getting older. Sometimes we wish that they came with a “Pause” button. Allison, our second-oldest daughter, recently turned fifteen. Turning fifteen is a special occasion, especially in Latin American culture. The birthday celebration is known as a quinceañera. We were all blessed to hold a quinceañera at our church, which turned out to be a very special time of dedication and celebration, accompanied by friends and family. What a memorable time!

Allison - at her quinceañera.

Wedding Bells
No, there are no wedding bells for our children- not yet, anyway. However, Andy’s brother, John, an ABWE missionary to Spain, will be marrying Wendy Stiles, an ABWE missionary to Japan. We are all so excited for both John and Wendy. Our entire family will be in attendance at the wedding, which will be held in Michigan. It will be an international event, given that the wedding party will be made up of people from the US, Peru, Spain, and Japan.

Evangelistic Campaign and Workshops in Iquitos
Andy will be traveling to Peru at the end of July to participate in an evangelistic campaign and to help with workshops for Christian church leaders, to be held at the Betania church in Iquitos. The pastor of Betania, Carlos Peñaherrera, was a student of Andy’s at the Bible Institute back in 2004. Pray for safety and for a very fruitful time of ministry.

Andy - Pray that God will give him the right words to say. Presenting Our Ministry Pray for us as we seek to set up meetings at churches to present our ministry. Currently, we have 2 missions conferences that we will be a part of. Our goal continues to be to raise the monthly support that we are lacking in order to be on the field this fall.

Carol Stays Busy
Carol was in the Easter drama at our home church- doing one of the main speaking parts. She finished her duties as homeschool co-op director and is now finishing up homeschooling our kids. Recently, she had the privilege of speaking at a mother/daughter banquet, which she thoroughly enjoyed. In a couple of weeks, she will be speaking at a vacation Bible school.

Iquitos Bible Institute Things have been going well at the Iquitos Baptist Bible Institute, (IBBI), with the current director, Francisco Acho. Pray for brother Acho as he has had some on-going health issues to deal with. He has been very faithful in directing the Institute as it grows in numbers of students and in the courses of study being offered. Pray for the current students and that the Lord will draw many new students who want to study the Word and prepare themselves for Christian service.

Outreach Opportunities
Pray that God will give us “redemptive moments” that He can use to bring people to salvation as we travel around the country, as well as when we interact with folks in our local neighborhood and community. We have had some truly unique opportunities to dialogue with people in the past couple of months, but we are looking for more!

May Our Lord Abundantly Bless You,
Andy and Carol Patton
PO Box 183
Crownsville, MD 21032

443-517-0121 8pattons@gmail.com