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Patton Postings

December 2014 to March 2015

"The Lord shall preserve you from all evil; He shall preserve your soul. The Lord shall preserve your going out and your coming in from this time forth, and even forevermore.
Ps. 121: 7-8

Part of the drive around the Regional Hospital in Iquitos where one of the Compartiendo programs was done.
Compartiendo Christmas Outreach

For over two months our daughters, Katy and Linda, as well as Carol, were part of a Christmas evangelistic outreach program called Compartiendo (“Sharing”) which is organized by BCM (Bible Club Movement) every year to reach children and adolescents. There were several weeks of rehearsal and planning and then several weeks of putting on the program. It consisted of dramas, music, choreography, puppets, clowns, Bible stories, Bible verse memorization, and gifts. The group would visit 2 churches or 2 neighborhoods per day. Hundreds and hundreds of children, as well as many of their parents, were reached with the true meaning of Christmas and the true identity of Jesus Christ and what He did to make salvation available to all.

The children had a wonderful time at Compartiendo.

Linda and Katie were part of the Comartiendo team.

The clowns were the biggest hit.

They were very funny.
Horeb Youth Group

Our family has continued to support and participate with the youth group at Horeb Baptist Church. Due to different causes, from illness to the need to continue education, some of the leadership has changed. But, the church is fully behind seeing the group continue and grow. Praise the Lord that other people were mentored and were available to take the leadership role. Carol, and our daughters, Katy and Linda, also participated for severaweeks, with Horeb’s youth evangelistic team, where they did outreach events at the various plazas around town and other “hangout” areas that teens and young adults frequent.

The leadership at Horeb are committed to investing in their young people.
Our House in Maryland Finally Sold!

The months following our return to Peru, were very lean months financially, due to the fact that we had invested so much money in fixing up our house in Maryland and due to the fact that we were continuing to have to pay for the house and utilities, etc., until it sold. There were a couple of unexpected expenses and repairs related to the finalizing of the sale as well. God sent a family all the way from Germany to Maryland to finally buy our house. Thank you for praying.

Punchana Baptist Church Ministry

We continued to attend and encourage Punchana Baptist Church through the middle of January. Andy taught the adult Sunday school class; Carol taught the teens; our daughter, Katy, helped with the children; Linda and Charlie helped with special events, like the huge Christmas program and community outreach that the church has every December. Over 300 people came for our Christmas outreach, and the majority of those people were children. Since the church is located in an area of town that floods during high-river season, they are not able to carry on services during the high-water months. It was a real blessing to partner with a young couple, Paolo and Tessy Acosta, and Tessy’s parents, Pastor Augusto Sandoval and his wife.

Paolo and Tessy Acosta are a young couple who are driving the ministry at Punchana Baptist.
Filling in Where Needed

Andy has continued to fill in for pastors in Iquitos, when those pastors have been absent for various reasons. There are several churches in Iquitos who currently do not have a pastor as well. He was asked to be the keynote speaker at several events, including a missions conference, which was especially exciting to be a part of. Peru is sending missionaries around the world now, including missionaries from Iquitos. Who would have thought that we would see the day that missionaries would be sent out from here in the jungle of Peru to places like India, Germany, Brazil, and the Middle East. In addition, there are churches here that are also financially supporting missionaries around the world! But, that has been our prayer and desire all along- to see churches here in the jungle become missional churches. It is happening!

Paolo and Tessy Acosta are a young couple who are driving the ministry at Punchana Baptist.
Peru Field Team Meetings

In February, our Upper Amazon Branch hosted our missionaries from around Peru. It was great to be able to see our fellow ABWE missionaries from Peru and to reconnect with them. We were also blessed to have a team from Mid-Atlantic Community Church in Crofton, Maryland, that ministered to our teens and younger kids while the adults had their meetings. The team was also a blessing to our adults. Missions pastor, Bill Craig, not only shared with our teens but with the adults as well. Our team is looking to grow- we need more missionaries in Peru, especially for theological training and discipleship.

Team from MACC church in Maryland that ministered to our Peru missionaries.

Our Peru Field Team met at the Bible Institute.
The Baptist Bible Institute It was a privilege to be a part of the graduation process of the Baptist Bible Institute of Iquitos, including Andy speaking at the graduation service. The school is now known as the Baptist Bible Seminary and Institute of Iquitos. Andy will be helping team teach the Self-Confrontation course this year. Please continue to pray that the school will have greater involvement by the local churches. Classes began in March.
Iglesia Bíblica of Iquitos Iglesia Bíblica de Iquitos, the church where we had helped in the past, was privileged to receive a visit by Rafael and Marisel Graña, the missionaries who had helped start the work and who had sustained and led the work there for a couple of years. Since Rafael was diagnosed with cancer, the Grañas had to return to the States for treatment and to reassess what the next steps in their lives and ministry should be. Ultimately they decided that they would have to leave Peru. So, all of us down here in Peru, who were in some way connected with Iglesia Bíblica, did what we could to help the Grañas organize and sell their things and to “close up shop” in terms of their household in Iquitos. It was an emotional time for everyone to have Rafael and Marisel back at church again for a couple of weeks. The church had a special service to honor all the pastors and missionaries who had been involved in the church’s life, especially the Grañas. Andy was asked to give the message. A large group attended, and the group was made up of people from several different churches from around the city.

Rafael and Marisel Graña (far left), Gibran and Patty Cabrera (middle), and us, at Iglesia Bíblica
Allison and Kylie Our daughters, Allison and Kylie, who are studying at Liberty University, are doing better in their second semester. Allison has just completed a ministry trip to Southeast Asia, made during her spring break. Kylie will be coming to Peru for the summer, which we are very excited about. Allison plans on studying over the summer, most-likely in Maryland, to help her build her repertoire for her major. Please pray that the girls will be able to build quality friendships in college.

Allison and Kylie, studying at Liberty.
Katy, Linda, and Charlie Katy is finishing up her senior year of high school. She is currently planning on attending Liberty in the fall. Linda and Charlie are both learning guitar and are both making good progress. Linda is in 11th grade, and Charlie is in 10th grade. Charlie keeps growing and will soon be taller than all of us.

Linda and Katy, with gifts for children in the river villages.

Charlie, all smiles at the Peru Field Team meetings.
Carol Carol is currently rehearsing with the ladies’ choir of the association of churches, AIEBS. They will be singing during the annual convention of churches that will be held at the beginning of April. She has also been able to fellowship with ladies’ groups from a couple of different churches. Sometimes she shows them how to make a new dessert or a handcraft of some type. Carol finished her time with her English student, Linda, a week before Christmas. Linda is a medical student and is now doing her internship at the Regional Hospital. The time we had with Linda, provided many opportunities to clarify the gospel message and to talk about the Bible and God’s truth. She gave us several indications that she understood the gospel and what it meant to trust in Jesus Christ as Savior. Pray that, if she has not already done so, that she truly place her trust in Jesus.

Carol and her former English student, Linda.
Carol has just started English lessons with a new young lady, Olga. We ask that you pray for those times Carol has with her, every Tuesday and Friday. We are not sure of her spiritual condition yet. God just keeps placing these kinds of opportunities in Carol’s path, which we are grateful for. May the Lord bless you all!

Andy & Carol Patton