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Ron & Nancy Johnson Prayer Letter……November 2008
Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” John 1:1

Dear Praying Friend,
  Greeting in Jesus’ name from the land of Brazil.
  The Ladies’ Retreat was a blessing. There was a good speaker and a full camp. Nancy and Libby slept in the dorm with ladies from our church in Jereissati. Andrew’s father-in-law and brother-in-law had driven out to bring some ladies from Jereissati and they stayed with me and helped with repairs on the house. We had a great time of fellowship! We men were at camp part of the time as well.
  We have been busy helping in several camp area churches. Nancy and I have both helped in churches near camp like Aranau, Cruz, and Paraguai. I spoke in two churches recently: Cruz and Paraguai, and Nancy spoke at a Ladies meeting in Cruz and is teaching hand bells in Aranau and Cruz. Last week we were in Jereissati and I spoke there, Nancy counseled ladies and Libby had a Bible study with a girl about her age. Pray for these ministries.
  We are back in Poco Doce now, and plan to drive 120 kilometers to Camocim Saturday. A former student of ours, Pastor Josafa has invited us to spend the week-end there. I will speak at their church Sunday, and Nancy will teach hand bells. Monday, we will play the bells and share the Gospel with children at a public school before we leave! Pray for this trip of Nov 8-10.
  In December Rosie is leaving Pensacola with a BA degree in Youth ministries with a minor in Physical Education. Lord willing, at 2 AM on Dec 24th she arrives in Fortaleza, Brazil. Rosie didn’t get to graduate in May mostly because of heart problems she had while at PCC. She is not a quitter and stayed with the stuff till she finished. She has worked every summer at PCC and during the school year as well. We thank God for the way He provided for the rest of her school bill. She leaves PCC with no debts but the debt of love for God and for her neighbors! The director of the school at the Jereissati church has invited Rosie to teach English, sports and Bible classes. The school has now over 400 children there between regular school classes and after school activities for poor children. What Rosie is praying about now is spending one year in Brazil helping in Jereissati and at camp. After that she hopes to have a 2 year missionary internship in Indonesia. Pray that Rosie will know God’s will step by step. Pray also for a husband for her in God’s perfect time. If you would like to write Rosie to congratulate her and to tell her you will be praying for her, her address now is: Rosalyn Johnson, PCC Box 147, 250 Brent Lane, Pensacola, FL 32506 After Dec 4th or so: Rosalyn Johnson, Caixa Postal 6521, Fortaleza, Ceara 60,822, Brazil.

With heart situation, Rosie was goalie--runs less that way!
This year her team won 8 lost 0

Rosie with international students at PCC
She may have more foreign friends than American at PCC!

Rosie and new convert in Pensacola,
loves to share Christ.

  Thank you for your prayer and support!
Yours and His,

Ron & Nancy Johnson (plus Libby)

Home Address
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