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Ron & Nancy Johnson…….May 2009 Prayer Letter Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission

The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him and saith, “Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sins of the world.” John 1:29

May 6, 2009

Dear Praying friends,
May 4th I picked up the Baptist Mid Missions 1987 Chevrolet D-20 diesel pick-up. (Last letter I had said it was a 1989, but I was mistaken.) The price is $8,875 without fixing the body. Body work would be $1,000 extra. (A similar new pick-up truck here in Brazil would be about $52,520.) I gave a down payment of $1,000. and have about 60 days to pay the rest. Thank God for over $1,000 which has been received in our vehicle fund from supporters! Pray about the remaining amount!

Holes like the one in the picture are very common theses days. A pick-up goes through much better! Roads are much, much worse now because of the record rainy season. The larger, heavy duty pick-up goes through bad roads a lot better than a small car does. (You still need to go slow!) It will work well for hauling supplies. We also will be able to take twice as many passengers in the pick-up than a car after we put more seats in the open back. The reason a pick-up this old is so expensive in Brazil is because there is a demand for this type of used pick-ups to haul people to market in the interior. Another reason for this demand is because of the diesel engine ….. in Brazil diesel fuel costs between 15% and 40% less than gasoline. Sometimes a large pick-up costs less to drive than a small car as diesel engines are not permitted on small cars in Brazil, only on trucks, buses and pick-ups. Pray that this pick-up might be used for God’s glory.

In Ron’s class at the Bible Institute, one homework assignment has been for the students to give out Gospel tracts and witness to a certain number of people each week. It has been exciting to listen to them talk about their experiences sharing Christ with others. May 16th we go to Cruz with the Institute students for a special youth meeting and May 17th, we take them to Acarau for special church meeting there. The students will use what Nancy has taught them: sing with parts, play the bells, and they will also give their testimonies. Ron will preach in Acarau on Mat 9:38. Pray for these services and that more Brazilians will hear God’s call to serve Him.

May 22nd our son Andrew and his wife Damaris arrive here in Brazil for a week visit. Andrew will speak Sunday night on the 24th at our Jereissati church and May 27th at the Paraguai church by the Bible Institute. Pray for their trip. Pray as well for Libby who travels to the USA with them on May 30th. She will spend the summer with them working and then go to Pensacola Christian College in the fall. It is hard for her to leave, hard to say goodbye. Thank God for His grace! I like the verse: “Grace be to you and peace from God our father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.” II Corinthians 1:2

Thank you again for your support and your prayers!
Yours and His,
Ron & Nancy (plus Rosie and Libby)

Home Address: Mission address: Sending Church:
Pastor Ronaldo Johnson    
Rua 15, Casa 215 Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission Hilltop Baptist Church
Jereissati I P.O. Box 355 P.O. Box 1110
61900-240 Maracanau CE Springfield, IL 62705 Crab Orchard, WV 25827
Brazil, SA (217) 523-7176 (304) 254-2213
ronnancyjohnson@gmail.com missions@hilltopbaptistchurch.com

Ron & Nancy’s home phone: (011) 55-85-4117-0255 or R & N’s cell phone:(011) 55-85-9937-6817

The D 20 pick-up with the Fiat Andrew left for us. Guess which one can carry more? That’s easy to tell! Guess which one costs more to drive? That depends on whether you are able to get gas in Fortaleza or if you are interior and have to pay a lot more for gas. Diesel price is about the same in Fortaleza or interior. With the D 20 giving about 20 mpg and the Fiat about 30 mpg the D 20 can cost less to drive if you are interior and buying diesel 40% cheaper than gas!

Pastor Mauro praying and dedicating the D-20 pickup to the Lord after Sunday School. May 10, 2009

Some men and boys from our Jereissati church checking out the D-20. May 10, 2009