FSBC Welcomes you

First Summit Baptist Church
of Charlotteville, New York

Greeting in Jesus's name!

Nancy & girl Sunday afternoon looking at the new statue of St Francis that people from all over Brazil travel to worship in Canide. In John 14:6 Jesus says that He is the only Way, the Truth and the Life! This is one of the largest in the worldI It is over 90 feet high!

Yesterday at 1:28 am Nancy and I were sleeping in a back Sunday school room of the Igreja Biblica de Canide between mosquito bites which woke us up now and then. We were in Canide 125 km from home for special meetings for the 21st anniversary of the church. I was invited there to speak on fellowship or unity in the church. We had arrived there Saturday evening before the Saturday night service. I spoke Sat night, Sunday morning and Sunday night. After the Sunday night service there was a delicious church supper.

We got to bed about 11 pm. Our original plan was to leave for home after the service, but we were given advice to stay Sunday night to not have to drive at such a dangerous hour over areas which are deserted and sometimes not safe. Libby (our 18 years old) and Jessica Stucky (15 years old and with us for a month) were up stairs in the "safer" church office. It may have been that a mosquito instigated or sent by an angel woke Nancy up or the Lord used Nancy's Mother's intuition. Whatever it was, Nancy heard some sounds coming from the upstairs office door. She thought she would get up so that if one of the girls had gotten up to use the bathroom they would not be alone The church yard has a wall in front, but in back only an old broken fence. To get to the bathroom they would have to come down stairs and go out in the open church yard. Nancy left me sleeping and unlocked our bedroom (Sunday School room) door. Unlocking that door makes some noise. Nancy stepped outside and walked the 5 or 6 steps over to the stairs which lead to the girl's church office "bedroom" and instead of seeing one of the girls, saw a man in his 20's with blue jeans, white T shirt and red baseball cap on backwards. He was already coming down the stairs toward a very perplexed and very alarmed Nancy!

She wasn't all the way awake and was trying to figure out what this stranger was doing there outside the office where the girls were sleeping. It went through her mind first that maybe he from the church and was there to fix a light, but then right away it hit her that he was up to no good. Was he wanting to hurt the girls?
He started talking to Nancy as he was coming down the stairs. "Boa Noite, Senhor. Mim deixa ir dormir, ta?" Which translates like this: Good Evening, Ma'am. Let me go sleep, OK? Nancy said "Ta." or "OK".
She was standing right in front of the narrow stairs and in his way. She stepped aside and let him by. He walked away with Nancy standing there watching him to make sure he really left. We wonder if he was on drugs!

When she looked back up the now empty stair way she could now see that he had a garden tool in the door to the office where the girls were sleeping and had been trying to pry it open. I believe that eventually he would have gotten it open if he hadn't been surprised.

Nancy woke me up, I called the pastor who called the police who came in about 10 minutes. The church has 6 policemen who are members there. He called one of his policemen members who called on duty police friends. One of the policemen ran up the stairs with a drawn pistol. We called the girls to see if they were alright. Nancy and I ended up moving our hammocks into the office and trying to sleep the rest of the night. It was now about 2:45. Our alarm was set for 4:15 as we wanted to leave at 5 am to get the girls to school in time.

Between the fact that we still wanted to talk some, and the mosquitos after us, we got very little sleep that night. We didn't get away till 5:30 because we talked some with the pastor before leaving. I was too tired to drive the whole way even with the early morning sun shining, so I asked my better half, Nancy, to drive. The girls were in school most of the day, just missed the first class and the last class. They were two tired girls!
We are praying for that person that he might repent of his sins and receive Christ as Savior.

Yours and His,

Ron, Nancy, Libby and Jessica (for a month)