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Ron, Libby, Nancy, Damaris, Andrew, & Rosie Johnson

Ron & Nancy
Johnson……June 2009 Prayer Letter
Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. III John 1:4

June 5, 2009

Dear Praying Friends,
Greetings in Jesus’ name from wet, humid Ceara, Brazil! Rainy season is almost over!
May 2009 was a joyful month and a sorrowful month…During the first part of May Libby spent hours sorting out her life: trunks of papers, pictures, clothes, keepsakes, etc. What goes to college in the USA? What do I store? What do I throw away? Libby was born in Brazil and has spent some 14 of her 19 years of life in Brazil. This is home to her (and to us)! It was hard for her to say “goodbye”. It was hard for us to see her leave. We are glad, though, that Libby loves the Lord and wants to please Him with her life. She has been a blessing in our home and in our ministry with her servant’s heart. May 22nd at 9 am Andrew and Damaris arrived at the Fortaleza airport, having left the day before from Southampton, PA. It was so very good to have them with us for a week, even though they slept a few blocks away at Damaris’ parents place as our rented house is very small and her parents hadn’t seen them for a longer time than us.
The day after they arrived, Damaris’ folks celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. The next day was Sunday and at the evening service Andrew spoke. Before calling him up to speak, I read III John 1:4. Andrew brought a message from Gen 37-45 on Joseph in Egypt. Joseph was compared with Jesus Christ who being God humbled Himself and became a servant, a slave obedient even unto death. “Wherefore, God highly exalted Him!” Philippians 2: 5-11. No one slept during the message and we were blessed hearing a son, a brother, a friend preaching Jesus Christ! More than one person shed tears of joy that night.
May 23rd, Damaris sings at parent’s 25th anniversary.
(Parents seated on left with their Bibles .)
Andrew preaches May 24th& 28th Entire Antioch Bible Institute makes up the school choir.
At the airport, Nancy gives one last (for now), long (and hard),loving (com muito amor) HUG to Libby, our youngest “heritage of the Lord”.
May 30th,Libby says goodbye.
Pray Libby in the USA.
Wednesday May 27th we braved the crater filled roads with our pickup to drive out to Poco Doce. (Praise God with us, the pick up is 40% paid for! Pray that the rest will come in by Aug 1st.) It took us 7 hours, 2 more than usual as the route we usually take has a washed out bridge. That night at the Paraguai church was the last service our Bible Institute students would be together before vacation. The Institute choir sang and Andrew spoke again. The next day, after our last classes with our students, we got back on the road about 1 pm and got home after several stops by 9:30 pm. May 30th, we were up early to take Andrew, Damaris and Libby to the airport. One of the hardest things we have to do as foreign missionaries is to say goodbye to our children when they leave for college and for ministries in other countries. We ask God for strength and He gives it, but it is not easy. We must say as Jesus said…. “Not my will but Thine be done”. Luke 22:42 There were many tears shed before Libby left! Thank God, He has all our tears in His bottle. Psalms 56:8 He sees them and He cares! Thank you for your prayers! Thank you for your support! Yours and His, Ron & Nancy (plus Rosie)
PS Thank God Libby has summer work with Damaris at a Christian Day Camp starting June 15th, then Pensacola Christian College in the fall.
PSS Pray for Ron’s mother, Carol Johnson who was taken to a Fortaleza hospital feeling much pain and very weak just yesterday.
Ron & Nancy (plus Rosie and Libby)

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