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Back Home In Brazil

January 20th, 2008

Boa Tarde! (Good Afternoon!)

Thank you for your prayers! Romans 15:30

We have arrived in Brazil!!

We had good flights, no problems with customs with our luggage in Sao Paulo. (In New York we had to wait about 2 hours for the airline ticket staff to OK our documents--wondered if they were going to let us go!)

Libby was flying as an only child for the first time and the Lord sent a cousin along to keep her company! Only the day before we left the USA did we receive a phone call from this cousin saying she was on the same plane with us! On the first plane there was a empty seat next to Libby that cousin Grace came to sit in. On the second plane, Grace's assigned seat was behind us! Grace's parents are missionaries in Brazil also. Grace lives in Kansas City. She is visiting her parents for a month.) This was the first time a relative ever flew with us. The girls were excited to travel together!

The 85 F temperature seems very hot even to me as it was 28 F when we left our home in Newtown, PA. On the way back from the JFK airport in New York Andrew, Damaris and Hector (a Christian brother from More-View Bible Church ran into lots of snow that made the drive homebe 4 hours instead the usual 2! We were thankful that Southampton Bible Baptist Church made their big chuch van available for our big load of luggage and all of us to be able to get to the JFK airport in New York!

Damaris's parents and my brother Joel were at the airport waiting for us. They helped us get every thing to the Mission Guest house where we stay till Monday morning when we move into the rented house where Andrew and Damaris used to live before they moved to the USA in September.

Thank you again for your prayers! Pray for wisdom and strength as we start up with our ministries again here in this part of God's harvest field.

Yours and His,
Ron Nancy, and Libby

Libby got her drivers licence just recently in PA. Look at where she is back seat driving now!
Libby with cousin Grace behind her plane from Sao Paulo to Fortaleza


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