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Ron & Nancy Johnson
Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

Dec 8th, 2010
Dear Praying friends! It is hard to believe it is already December! We trust that you will have a very special year’s end with your family and dear ones. Thank you for remembering the ministry in Brazil this past year with your prayers and finances.

Semesters finals given today at Antioch Bible Institute!
Another semester is finishing up, at the Antioch Bible Institute, as we write this. Three girls will be finishing this semester, even though their graduation will be in May. We are working hard on the end of the year activities. One highlight last month was a youth retreat held by the students and staff of ABI. There were many decisions for a closer walk with Christ. Pray for thirty-two young people who signed a list showing their interest in possibly studying at the Institute in the future. We plan to keep contact with these young people.

Thanksgiving and Dad’s 92n Birthday! Dad, Mom and part of Johnson family.
Pray for Dale and Carol Johnson, Ron’s parents, who will be coming to live with us in January. We are fixing part of our home to be their apartment. Dad just turned 92 and Mom is just a few years younger. We are excited to have them with us! Please pray for this time of adjusting for them and us.
We are thankful that the Lord has opened the doors for our daughter, Libby, to come down this next summer as a summer missionary with BGFM again. She will be helping in children’s ministries, camps, visitation and other missionary work. Libby also plans to work more on illustrating missionary stories for children. It is important that missions’ stories be used to teach children about missions. We are praying that more Brazilian young people might answer God’s call to missions through these stories. We are trusting God to meet Libby’s needs. We would appreciate your prayers about this!

Open air evangelistic meeting in Acarau street with ABI students helping.
Yours and His,
Ron & Nancy Johnson (plus Rosie and Libby)
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Libby at Pensacola. (2nd from right.) Andrew, Damaris and Rosie in PA. Ron, Nancy, Julia, Lydia and Shawn.