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Ron & Nancy Johnson December 2008 Prayer Letter
Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission

And they said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house”. Acts 16:31

  Dear Praying Friends,
  May God bless you as you remember the birth of our Saviour! Have a blessed 2009! Thank you for your prayers and your support in 2008!
  Thank you for praying for the men’s retreat. It went well. It was a blessing to hear the chapel speakers.This time all of them were Brazilian pastors. Especially a blessing was hearing a young pastor just out of Bible Institute speak on missions. It was so good to see his zeal for reaching the lost!
  Praise God for this opportunity! Pray for this seed that was planted in the hearts of these students and their teachers. The unsaved school director said she wants another Bible hour at her school soon!
  Pray for Pastor Josafa and his wife Ana Celia as they minister in the seaport city of Camocim.
  Pray for them as they adopt a baby after 14 years of marriage and no children.
  Praise God for a good work they have done with other people’s children and teens in their church! Praise God for good work they have done with those children’s parents as well.
  Pray for Daniel, a neighbor of ours in Jereissati who wants to get back in fellowship with the Lord. He has separated from his wife and has been having a drinking problem. I invited him to our Jereissati church when we were having a group of converted former drug addicts speak at our church. He went to that service and kept coming to all the services since then. He has requested meeting with me for Bible studies. Praise God!
  The Jereissati church was saddened recently with a case of adultery. Pray for true repentance and for comfort for the innocent families. Pray that this might wake up others to the need to please God with a pure life.
  Ron’s Dad, Dale Johnson turned 90 on Nov 25th. At his birthday party he played his trombone with vigor! Praise God that his knee is doing well now. Pray about a phone bill for nearly $2000 that came in recently. Back a few months ago when Dad was still unable to get around, a person was hired part time to stay nights to care for Mom and Dad. When they were sleeping, this “helper” would use their phone to call long distance to Baiha, another state south of here, to talk with a boyfriend there who has a cell phone. The “helper” left with no apology and without paying a cent on the bill! Now Dad has a skin cancer growth under his eye that needs to be taken care of. Pray for healing and for needed funds for bills and medical treatment! Praise God, God is able!
  Pray for Rosie as she prepares for her trip to Brazil leaving New Orleans Dec 22nd. Hilltop Baptist Church is sending a lot of medicine for me and my Crohn’s Disease with Rosie. Pray that she will get through Brazilian airport customs alright.
Thank you again for your prayers and support!
Yours and His,
Ron & Nancy Johnson (plus Libby)

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