FSBC Welcomes you

First Summit Baptist Church
of Charlotteville, New York

November 14
These last couple of months has seen some big changes in our lives. We praise the Lord for His guidance and provision in these matters.

Carol had been waiting the last few years for her cataracts would to be ready to be removed. She had her right eye operated on October 23rd and the left eye on November 14th. She is doing really well with both operations; the right eye is finished while the left will be completed by December 5th. On her 2nd checkup after both eyes, she had 20/20 vision. She will still have to wear “readers” as the implants can’t correct that part of her sight.

While Carol was having her eyes taken care of, I have had to do some changing in my hearing. Since November 4th, I have been wearing hearing aids. What a difference in hearing. So far I am adjusting well to them; no horror stories of hearing aids that don’t work and problems trying to get them right. I was so fearful of this, but the Lord led in finding what seems to be best for me. I guess I need add so far anyway.

Another note of praise – Bible Basics International Mission in Odessa Florida was given a free tower and transmitter for the Radio Hope project exactly like the one they were looking to order. This is a saving of nearly $14.000.00 that now can be used for other equipment or construction of buildings. The tower will be shipped during the month of December. BBI has a target date to start broadcasting in the fall of 2015. This is the Mission that we do volunteer work for each year

We do appreciate your prayer support as well as those who give financial support to help us in our “retirement ministries for the Lord”.

Ray & Carol
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