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Ray and Carol Ingraham
Praise & Prayer Bulletin NOVEMBER 2008


November 2008





1.    The two days of special rejoicing at the church in Moissy as we celebrated the ten years in our building.


2.    The evident interest that was shown as we taught two training courses in Biblical Counseling at the churches in Reims and St Denis, France.


3.    The reversal in the decision by the owners to sell the store front building to the church in Brignoles. They are now once again applying for a loan from the bank for the purchase of that building.



Please Pray with us FOR:


1.     Carol and I as we represent the Baptist Bible College of France at a national wide Evangelical Exposition on October 16-18, 2008.


2.     The church in Brignoles that the bank would approve their request for a loan to purchase a store front to serve as their church building. We organized this church in 1996, while serving as their Missionary/Pastor.


3.     The studies on Biblical Counseling we are giving in our Menís and Womenís Meetings that will enable some of our believers to help others in their needs.


4.     Our next conference on the Power of Biblical Thinking that will be held on weekend of November 22-23 in Bar/s/Seine.



Ray & Carol                             








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