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Praise & Prayer Bulletin

MAY 2011

We want to thank you for your prayers for our Florida trip in March. We had a wonderful trip and saw many friends and individual supporters along the way, some of whom we hadnít seen for many years. We had beautiful weather in Florida. We had one last visit to make as we were heading home to PA.

Many of you know what came next but we know there may still be others who are not aware of what happened to us on our way home from Florida. EBM contacted our supporting churches and individuals which we appreciated so much as I was not able to put out a P&P or contact everyone we knew.

In South Carolina on March 30th in a hotel room, Ray had an aortic aneurism dissection which necessitated emergency open heart surgery. We praise the Lord that he survived when there is only a 1% survival rate. Even with survival there is a possibility of stroke or brain damage after the surgery and he had neither. In addition, because they couldnít get his blood pressure stabilized after the surgery he had to return to the OR and have a second open heart surgery, both in a matter of several hours.

During the time in South Carolina we saw God work miracle after miracle. The first miracle was God sparing Rayís life. Secondly we are thankful for a blood clot that sealed off the dissection until he could have surgery. Because we had changed our plans at the last minute, we were near Florence close to the best possible Medical Center to be at with probably the best surgeon we could have had. We knew no one in that area but God brought so many total strangers to help us in addition to family and friends who drove many hours to be with me on that Wednesday. We were overwhelmed at the outpouring of love, help, kindness and compassion from strangers during our stay. A pastor came to visit us and offered an apartment for us to spend a few days when Ray was discharged from the Medical Center. We spent five days there and it was reassuring to be next to someone we knew after leaving the Medical Center and our comfort zone where we had been for nine days. We had friends who drove their motor home to South Carolina to bring us home on April 13th in the most comfortable way possible. Ray could never have done the trip in a car at that point. They brought a mutual friend who drove our van home for us. These are just a few of Godís provisions for us at that difficult period in our lives and we are so thankful.

We do not know what the future holds for us. Our ministry trip to France had to be cancelled but we are sure that the Lord will open doors of ministry to us in the months to come. Right now it is recuperation time and for how long we donít know. Ray is making very good progress even if it is not as fast as he would like. He is starting cardiac rehab twice a week which should be a big help in regaining his strength. We are both used to being constantly on the go so this is definitely a different season of life for us. It is a time of reflexion on Godís care and goodness to us and a time to rejoice in still being here together. We are so thankful for all the people who were praying for us around the world and those who called and sent cards and notes of encouragement. We ask for your continued prayers for us during this time of being laid aside.

Ray & Carol
ray.ingraham2@gmail.com & csingraham@gmail.com
256 West 2nd Street,
Waynesboro, PA 17268

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