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First Summit Baptist Church
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Praise & Prayer Bulletin

March 2012

  1.   His help in choosing another mission agency after EBM dissolved in September 2011. We are now with Central Missionary Clearinghouse, Houston, TX. Their address is below.
  2.   The safe trip to Florida the end of January. We are helping out at Bible Basics International in the Tampa Bay area until the end of April.
  3.   This first opportunity to do ministry in nearly a year since Rayís heart aneurism. We are so grateful for the opportunity to be directly involved with helping missionaries once again. March 31th will mark a year since the open heart surgeries; we plan on celebrating that day this year with friends because of Godís evident Hand in Rayís life.


  1.   As we do volunteer work at BBI. Ray helps in the areas of foundation research and grant writing. He is also partnering in the publication of a discipleship series. Carol is working as a utility office assistant, helping out wherever needed.
  2.   That we will be able to use our time each day wisely so as not to over tire ourselves while ministering here in Florida.
  3.   For our close friend, Darlene, who is suffering from ALS. She and her husband live in Ocala, a short distance from us here in Odessa. We go see them once a week to encourage them and help out where we can.

Ray & Carol

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