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First Summit Baptist Church
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Praise & Prayer Bulletin

JULY 2011

Three months ago the surgeons in Florence, SC didnít give Carol much hope that I would survive an aortic aneurism dissection but I, to the surprise of all, survived to be able to write to you today. For us, we see the hand of God in raising me up to continue to serve Him.

This past week I finished 18 sessions of Cardiac Rehabilitation with good reports from those in charge of the program. My cardiologist feels that I should continue with a gym program to continue what was started with the sessions at Rehab, which I will start doing the beginning of next month. She is well pleased with my progress. I will see her again in October. I remain on medication for the present, having my blood tested every month.

Carol is well after getting rested up from all the stress and work she had to do during the operations and my recovery. She has been using the time to get things arranged here in the apartment that we didnít have time to do before.

Please continue to pray for us as I recover fully (as much as possible) from this latest health problem that I had. As we feel that the Lord has other things for us to accomplish for him, would you join us in prayer as we seek His direction in ministry.

We would like to thank you for your prayers, encouragements through cards, E-Mails, Facebook and financial help for the many expenses we had.

Ray & Carol
ray.ingraham2@gmail.com & csingraham@gmail.com
256 West 2nd Street,
Waynesboro, PA 17268

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