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First Summit Baptist Church
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Ray and Carol Ingraham
Praise & Prayer Bulletin


December 2007





1.    A prayer supporter that remarked recently that she is part of a four generation family who prays for our ministry here in France. From her grand-parents to her parents to her daughters. What a privilege for us.


2.    The many people we were able to talk about the Bible College of France while at the Evangelical Exposition in November. At the same time, we were able catch up on the progress of the Gospel in Martinique while visiting with a young pastor who was there from the island.


3.    The salvation of a young woman who was in our childrenís work in the last church we worked with in Martinique. She has lived in France for several years. Just recently she accepted the Lord after beginning to attend church again.


4.    The good response to our study of the Power of Biblical Thinking in a church southeast of Paris.



Please Pray with us FOR:


1.     Wisdom and guidance as we try to help a couple in a very difficult situation.


2.     The church in Brignoles as they continue to wait for the bankís answer concerning a loan to purchase a store front to serve as their church building. There is to be meeting this week that may be decisive.


3.     The studies on Biblical Counseling we are giving in our Menís and Womenís Meetings that are well attended. We are seeing results in individual lives where these truths need to start before they in turn can help others.

We would like to send our greetings to each of you for a very blessed Christmas season as we celebrate the birth of our Savoir.


Ray & Carol                             








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