FSBC Welcomes you

First Summit Baptist Church
of Charlotteville, New York

April 2017
Dear Pastor and friends,
Our greetings to each and every one of you.

We would like to share with you a couple health issues that we are facing at this time plus an item to rejoice about at this moment.

Carol was diagnosed four years ago with dry macular degeneration. Last week some blood vessels in her left eye began bleeding which changed it to the wet condition of this eye disease. The Lord was very good in leading us to an excellent doctor, especially as we are still in Florida, doing voluntary work at Bible Basics International. This doctor works in a Christian Retina Institute close to us in Odessa. After quite a few tests, it was decided to start right away the injections in the left eye once a month. This same treatment will be continued once back home in Waynesboro, PA. She will be having these injections each month for a while, not sure how long.

About 6 weeks ago, I was helping a friend of our going to TOGO, W. Africa move some big furniture. While loading a big piece on a U-Haut truck, I stepped off the ramp falling on my back. It was quite painful to say the least during the weeks that followed. Well, on Easter Monday I was helping my friend again to move out of his house as the signing was for the next day. I was, up and down in wrapping other things in stretch wrap all day, carrying heavy boxes, all the things you do when moving. About noon my right hip and leg started to hurt and got progressively worse as the day went on. By 5 in the evening, I could hardly walk. Went to see a doctor on Wednesday of that week and she felt that I have sciatic nerve damage, as a result of the fall and the work I did on Monday. Because I still have quite a lot of pain, I went to see an Orthopedic doctor on Tuesday. He confirmed that I have sciatic nerve damage. There are no broken bones, PTL. But he did say that he noted some multilevel degenerative discs problems at the L5-S1 spinal column level. Not sure what all that means but will find on from the MRI that I will have on April 19.

There is great progress with the HOPE Radio project this last year. There will be in a container send to Mango, Togo, W. Africa in June that will contain among other items, studio equipment to operate the radio, $170,000 worth of solar panels, (given to the project), equipment that will produce the electricity from the panels. The studio building should be completed by the time the container arrives. The transmitter/shop will be finished this month. Evan & Joy’s personal effects will be in the container as well. We are all praying that HOPE Radio will be on the air in September or October of this year. We are still lacking about $150,000 to fully complete the project. We would appreciate your prayer for this needy project.

We will be leaving Odessa, FL to travel back to Waynesboro, PA on May 6th, and on to others ministries back home in Waynesboro, PA.

We so do appreciate your continued prayer and financial support given on our behalf which enables us to continue serving our Lord in our upper senior years.

In His Matchless Service,
Ray & Carol
ray.ingraham2@gmail.com & csingraham@gmail.com
256 West 2nd Street,
Waynesboro, PA 17268

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