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Summer 2016

Hananeel Ministries Update

Concert Update
Thank you for praying for our Messianic Music Concert on July 15th. Praise the Lord that despite having an excessive heat warning that day, we still had 50 people attend. The Israeli group "Heart of Galilee" sang praise songs (some in Hebrew, some in English and some in Russian). Two of the Russian speaking band members shared their testimonies of how much the Messiah meant to them. Afterwards during our time of refreshments, band members got to share Messiah with some of our guests.

One of the band members was able to witness to an unsaved Jewish family member of one of our missionaries.

Several ladies who attended the concert also expressed an interest in attending our weekly Friday night services.

To all of this we can only say:

Praise the Lord!

We were able to have our concert attendees fill out cards with their name and address information. Please pray that we can have a profitable follow-up with our guests.

Yours for the message of Israel's Messiah,
Thomas Huckel, Director
Special Notice & Prayer
Additional Prayer Requests:
Please pray for our missionaries this summer - just some of their activities are listed here:

  • Marion Anna's opportunities with the Russian/Jewish ladies who attended our music concert and expressed an interest in attending our weekly outreach services.
  • Bill & Kathy's ongoing ministry in Delaware county, personal evangelism and outreach.
  • Marion and Anna's street witnessing opportunities.
  • Jason's youth ministry and Ed's handling of the liturgical portion of our Friday night outreach services.
  • Tom and Sharon's church ministries and Tom's weekly Thursday bible study.
  • Tom's Friday night preaching ministry at our outreach service to our Russian/Jewish friends.
  • All the staff's ability to have an open door to witness to all of our unsaved Jewish contacts.

Thank you for all of your prayers for our ministry and staff.

On-line visit: hananeel.com/giving