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August 2012

Ministry Update from Rev. Tom Huckel

Summer Projects - Porch Completed
Praise the Lord all the funds were raised and the mission's porch replacement has been completed. We are so thankful to all those who gave gifts toward the project, and we're especially grateful of the labors from the work crew that came from Community Christian Fellowship Church in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. During the extreme heat of Aug 2nd and 3rd they helped with the new porch, did outside painting, building repairs, and yard work. Words can not express the amount of encouragement we received from their volunteer help.

Porch Project Completed
To view all the pictures from the Porch Replacement and other August work crew projects visit: www.hananeel.com/projects.htm

Fall Feasts
It's not too soon to start praying for our Jewish High Holy Day meetings next month. We are planning to have special outreach meetings on Monday, Sept. 17th for the Feat of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah) and on Tuesday, Sept. 25th for the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur). Those meetings will be among the largest in Jewish attendance for the year. Please pray specifically that God will start to soften the hearts of the unsaved to the message of how Jesus is pictured in these ancient Jewish festivals.
Yours for the message of Israel's Messiah,

Thomas Huckel, Director

XPraise, Special Needs, Prayer

wedding News

This is a very special praise! Praise the Lord our family will be traveling to Boone, N. C. this month for the wedding of our youngest daughter, Faith. It's a real joy for me personally to be able to perform the ceremony.

Hananeel Ministries is one of the oldest Jewish missions in the United States, celebrating its 101st anniversary in 2012. Originally established as "The Evangelization Society of Philadelphia" (a name it still carries) it has become more frequently known as "Hananeel" during the last 40 years. Hananeel Ministries has directed the greater part of its work to the greater Philadelphia region, which has one of the largest Jewish populations in the world.

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