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April 2015

April 2015 - Passover Special Edition

For the past two months we have been asking everyone to pray for our annual Passover Outreach banquet. Well, I am writing to give testimony and praise to God for answering your prayers!

On Wednesday night, April 8th, we had approximately 98 people in attendance (one of the largest turnouts ever). As I presented the message of how Messiah is pictured in the Passover, I could see that God was moving upon the hearts of people throughout the evening. At the conclusion of the service, I gave an invitation for people to accept the gospel message of Jesus for their salvation.

Praise the Lord! One hand after another went up of both men and women; Jews and Gentiles, and at least 7 people acknowledged their need for the finished work of the Messiah.

I say "at least 7" simply because after the service one of our volunteers said that a Ukrainian Jewish man (who regularly attends our weekly Friday services) very shyly raised his hand - and I did not see it. We will have plenty of opportunities now for follow-up with him (and everyone else), as a result of what God did that evening.

Praise the Lord! Several women agreed to having a bible study with our missionary Marion Eisen.

Praise the Lord! The gifts of God's people once again covered the cost for this special occasion.

I am so grateful to our entire staff which took part in all the preparation, music, sound system, clean-up and of course their personal conversations with the guests that made this one of the highlights of my ministry.

Thank you all who prayed for our Passover outreach and donated gifts to help cover the cost for our invited guests.
Yours for the message of Israel's Messiah,
Thomas Huckel, Director