FSBC Welcomes you

First Summit Baptist Church
of Charlotteville, New York


Many hands…..

Stephen with a dirty job

Justin dealing with structure

Justin needed a mid-morning nap

Our bribe!!!

Dawn playing in the dirt.

Steve dealing with paint or the lack thereof!

Tricia scraping and painting

This is what happens when Kathi comes out of the Bilco doors!

Dennis guiding the young men…Stephen and Justin….Well maybe Justin and his coffee don’t need much help!

Justin is just fine with his coffee after his mid-morning nap.

Dennis trying to remember if he should cut the yellow wire or the red wire!

Nicole keeping the kitchen running

Rebecca was busy sorting and organizing

Justin taking a another nap!

Stephen taking care of the insolation

This is obviously a tough 2 man job.

Picking a lock is not what we teach here…

Rebecca really will get this ALL done.

Justin getting his room ready!

Dawn did a super job with the flowers.

Danielle and trimming go hand in hand.

The newlyweds worked hard-Eric and Danielle.

Eric doing manly things!

Boss man Dennis did a great job organizing the workday

Stephen needed some timeout to play “pick up sticks”.

And of course lunch is always good…Eric, Danielle, Nicole and Ellen

And Rebecca and Tricia

Yup…another bribe!

The balcony…Ellen did a super job organizing this area with Mark’s help.


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